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Right now, you'd give anything to be able to relax and not worry about always trying to fix your website. You'd rather spend your time working in your business doing what you love instead of looking at multiple sites, trying to find "inspo." 

I get it. You've been told that making a website is easy and that you can do it yourself instead of investing in professional help. I mean there's a ton of Youtube videos to help you make your own website but how much time do you REALLY have?

Who spend countless hours struggling to make their website look professional

For wellness & lifestyle coaches and consultants

The August Creative was created to help womxn build their online presence through web design. Whether you're a yoga instructor/studio, mindset coach, health and wellness coach, or another online purpose-driven womxn, I would love to work with you. 

I value a sense of purpose, passion, and community. I believe that those three things all make a successful online business. We're here for a good time and a long time.

I'm here to take your website from looking DIY'ed to amazing, functional, and intentional so that you can continue to make a bigger impact. 

My mission

This checklist will help you know the purpose and goal of your website so that you can know how the flow of your website should be.

a checklist for you to get to know your website's purpose and goal

Do you know the purpose of your website?

Cathy H.

"Working with Vanessa was amazing. She quickly landed in the "why" of my work and created beautiful flow on my website. I'm so grateful for her presence and creativity! My favorite part of the day was watching the pages appear like magic."


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Peeked your interest?

I created the VIP Website Experience with you in mind. It's saving you time, money, your sanity, website shame, and giving you more opportunities to show off your services and portfolio while helping you book more ideal clients.

Sure your DIY website has gotten you started and helped you make money, but imagine what an elevated website that's strategically designed with your ideal client in mind can do for you. 

The website VIP experience is a one day service. It's to help you get the website that will help take your business to the next level in less time it would take you to keep figuring it out. 

Most designers will create a custom website in 4-12 weeks. While that's great, that means you have to wait. Who wants to wait when you have goals to hit and a business to grow? Think about getting a custom designed website in one day and being able to launch the new website at the end of the week? Sounds good right?

"That's great but how does it take you one day instead of weeks or months?"

I've been designing websites for the past few years and with time and experience I continue to get better and more efficient. Websites are my zone of genius and I focus on one project at a time so that I can provide the highest quality of service to all of my clients. As long as you do your part, everything can run smoothly.

The vip website experience you need.

I'm not just talking about saving money. Nope.
I'm talking about more than money. 

Saving you time
Saving your sanity
Saving you from website shame
Saving you from being undervalued

Hiring a professional to design your website can save you A LOT.

Imagine how much you could save hiring a pro

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If you're ready for me to transform your website so you can take your business to the next level, check out the process.

I'm glad you're here, learning more about me and what I can do for you. I'm not for the faint heart. If you need tough love, I give that, if you need a cheerleader, I got you, but I'll never be your yes man. I believe everyone should be their truest selves and live to their fullest potential (that's my Virgo coming out). 

I love astrology, human design, lemonade, and R&B. I say wtf at least 20 times a day and I love using the word raggedy when time calls for it.

When I'm not working you can catch me napping, binge watching some action show on Netflix, playing video games with my son, or researching something that is on my mind. 

a mom, a music lover, a web designer, and someone who can make a sailor blush.