Website in a Day Case Study

Vanessa Riddick

Vanessa Riddick was referred to me by her sister who I previously customized a Showit template for. 

Vanessa Riddick is a New York based tax consultant and she wanted to have a website that was more professional and not like a 2-year-old did it (her words, not mine). 

We first started off with a 30-minute chat to go over what she needed and how I could help. Her website before wasn’t terrible but there was a ton of room for improvement. 

After our call, I sent Vanessa a contract and invoice to get started and then sent her an email with her next steps. 

Vanessa then scheduled her strategy call so we could go over the details of her new website. 

I have strategy calls with every client before I design their website because it helps me understand what they need and helps them get a better understanding of what they need and how their website should be. A good time to flex my website strategy muscle lol. 

She was telling me how someone once asked for her website and she didn’t give them the info because she knew it wasn’t the best and didn’t want to send anyone to it. That’s when she knew she needed to hire someone for this.

She was very problem and solution aware. 

The Before

The before site had one call to action and just wasn’t very appealing. It had information but it didn’t give the engaging professional look Vanessa was going for.  

She wanted to keep it as a one page website. So here’s what I did. 

The After

The look we were going for was professional but not stuffy corporate. Since it is a one page website, the calls to action were minimal but still effective. 

I added stock photos that were relevant to her business and went with the colors we decided on. 

I made sure the contact form was at the bottom and had the fields for the information she needed to know before having a call with someone. 

Her website launched at the end of January and it already has a 52% conversion rate and 87% of the traffic is organic. 

Here's what she had to say about working with me and about her new website

"Not having any knowledge or understanding of the technical terms surround the making of a website, Vanessa made the process fun and enjoyable.
I will definitely book again in the future if needed. I love my new website.
Tax Consultant

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