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What if you could get a brand new bomb ass professional website in just 1 day?

food for thought

But you’re struggling with...
What to include on your website
How to make your website look good
The client journey on your website
The client experience

You know that in order to grow your business you need a website that will walk the walk and talk the talk

Right now you're on the struggle bus

Can you imagine how it would feel if you finally had the website you needed to grow your business in just 2 days? Uh-huh I know you just sighed in relief.

Imagine having a bomb ass website that looks good and converts without you doing any extra lifting. 

How would that change things for you? Let’s see...

You would have the opportunity to convert visitors into leads 
You would be able to grow your business
You would be able to show your work and communicate the value you have to offer
You would finally feel confident in your website

your website deserves to be the mvp of your business.

Say goodbye to waiting weeks or months for a new website.

Transform your website

If you're ready to attract more clients with your website, I got you...

The done-for-you service that gets you a new, custom, ideal client attracting website in just 1 day 

The VIP website Experience


Leora W.

I recommend Vanessa's services to anyone interested in a new website/brand or looking to update their existing site. She's affordable, sticks to the agreed upon timeline and flexible to work with. I'm not current on a lot of the tech jargon, however she is and she helped me understand some key concepts. 


Here's the breakdown of what's included

Strategy Call -
to get clear on the purpose and goal of your website, your ideal client's journey,  and the website aesthetic so that you get the website you need and love. We'll basically go over your pre-work. 

Website Content Workbook -
 to get your website content organized and how to best deliver it to me so that we can make the best of our time together

Custom website -
to help you get confident in your website so that you can attract and convert ideal clients 

Support -
 to have a designer that will troubleshoot any website issues so that you don't have to

Each website I create is from scratch. Yup, out with the old and in with the new. I create websites from scratch because in order for me to provide the best design, I have to know all of the pieces involved, what better way to do that than to build from the ground up myself?

I've designed plenty of websites that have had hidden elements deep within and while it's fixable, it's not efficient and the VIP Experience is all about high quality design and efficiency. 

Not only do I design from scratch but I design it all in one day. Now I know you're like "wtf, one day?!" yes girl, one day. I know you're wondering how and well, let's just say that when you know your thing and you're good at your thing and you do a lot of your thing, you become more efficient. 

So I design your new website from scratch in Wix or Showit, in one day. 

Why the vip Website experience is different

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What you get:
A custom 5-page  Wix or Showit website
-home, about, services, portfolio/gallery, contact

Website content workbook
Two rounds of revisions
60-minute strategy call
Video website walkthrough/tutorial
30 days email support
3 website mockup graphics

Vip Website Experience
Investment: $2,000*

A 4 payment plan is available. Book a call.

This is revision day. I'll spend this day making changes. Then you'll review the changes and if there's more needed then I'll take care of them. If there aren't any extra revisions, I will spend this time getting you some launch graphics.


You'll spend this day going through your website and making notes of any revisions that need to be made. Once you're done you'll email me what changes to make and I'll take it from there.


This day is all about me designing your website from start to finish.
I'll send a morning email letting you know I'm getting started and you can spend the day doing whatever.


How it works

What's needed from you:
-Primary logo, secondary logo, submark logo, color palette and hex codes, mood board, fonts
Website content workbook (provided by me)
Website copy
Photos and/or stock photos

the perfect fit

This is perfect for you if...
Your DIY website isn’t getting you to the next level
You don’t have anymore time to waste
You’re ready to attract more ideal clients
You’re ready to get your time back

Book Your Spot

Do you fit the description?

There's two ways to get started. 

Option 1: Fill out the form on the contact page and book a call.

Option 2: Book here, choose your date, sign the contract, and pay your first payment.


Step 1: Accept the invite to the shared Google Drive folder
Step 2: Upload your branding, photos, and copy
Step 3: Fill out the Website Content Workbook that's in the folder
Step 4: Book your strategy call
Step 5: Have your call and pay your second payment
Step 6: Be digitally available via Voxer or Slack on the feedback/revision day

What do I have to do after I book?

I create all client websites on either Wix or Showit. These two platforms allow me creative freedom to create a truly custom website from scratch with no limits. 

No worries if you use another platform, I can get you switched over to Wix or Showit ;)

What platform do you design on?

Do you offer other payment plans?

I sure do! In order to get on a payment plan you'll need to book a call first so we can go over details.
*Please note that with this payment option you'll need to book at least 6 weeks in advance.

25% due after you sign your contract
25% due 2 weeks later
25% due 2 weeks later
25% due 48 hours before your design date

A website is at its best when it has branding, photos, and bomb ass copy. If you don't have branding in place, I can create a text-based logo and put together a color palette for you after our strategy call. 

If you don't have photos, there's plenty of free stock options that you can pull photos from. 

If you don't have copy, the Website Content Workbook can help you out with some of that. You can also check out free blogs on the interwebs. 

What if I don't have branding, photos, or copy?

Yup! See, when you've been doing your thing for a while and have learned how to focus on your thing and know how to do your thing well, you get more efficient at your thing. 

Not only do I do my thing well but throw in my favorite playlist and I'm in the zone. 

Can you really design a custom website in a day?